Vegetable Products

Green Peas

Fresh valley Green peas are processed with most Advanced individual Quick Freezing Technique. (IQF technology), Each pea is frozen to its core at –18°c and kept at-18°c Under the frozen condition until it is delivered. Fresh Valley Green peas is carefully selected to give you taste that is deliciously juicy Nutritious. Available in all seasons, easy to use and economical. Packing.

Available in 200g, 500g, 1 kg and 5 kg packing.

American Sweet Corn

Fiber keeps you healthy and fresh. Fresh Valley Sweet Corn is the most famous vegetable for its sweetness. Steamed Corn is rich source of Fiber a necessary food requirement. Sweet Corn can be used for cup corn, Tawa fry vegetable, Corn Tikki, Corn patti, Corn salad, Corn Samaosa, Add a new fiber to your food.

Packing : Available in 200g, 500g and 1 kg packing.

Frozen Mix Vegetables (3 mix)