Masala Products

Kadhai Masala Mix, Handi Misal Masala Mix, Bombay Misal Masala Mix

Fresh Valley Frozen Gravies a Ready to COOK Solutions. This is a Frozen Gravy mix. To prepare different vegetable at home in just in minutes. Just take water boil it. Put Gray and vegetable is properly cooked. Check it. Add salt if required. Garnish and Serve.

Kadhai Masala Mix :
Different vegetable dishes such as Allu Mutter, Aloo Gobi, Channa Masala, Tinda, Tomota, Palak, Dodka, Gavar etc can be made without any efforts.

Handi Misal Masala Mix : Different vegetable dishes such as Spicy vegetable dishes such as Baingan Masala, Shave Bhaji, Batata Rassa Bhaji, Chicken Handi, Mutton Handi, Veg Handi, Egg Curry etc.

Bombay Misal Masala Mix : Bombay Misal is the most famous gravy enjoyed by different people in Maharastra and part of Karnataka from years together. It is a Spicy gravy can be enjoyed with pav or Bread.

Whenever want to eat HOT and SPICY Enjoy Misal Masala Mix.

Pav Bhaji